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If you feel like Rachael does in this story, you need help now! Call one or more of the crisis hotlines listed on this website.


You say you know me but you really don't know,
With the way I feel its no other way I can let my emotions show,
Yeah, I could talk about it but it wont change a thing,
I could walk around with a smile on my face just to hide the pain,
I could walk around with my head held high but deep inside I cry,
I could try my best to explain but you still wouldn't know what's going on inside my mind,
I feel time is running short and I can no longer seek help,
GOD I gotta make it to heaven for going through hell,
I've lost everything and gained nothing,
I fantasize of a better life, GOD help me before I kill myself tonight,
I look at my reflection in the mirror and I see nothing,
I don't belong on this earth because I let everyone down,
You don't know what its like to look at the world in slow motion and no sound!
I've got all I've ever wanted but I still remain unhappy,
So I keep to myself and allow my blade to stay happy,
To feel this blood trickle down my arm and drop to the floor,
Would only a sorry life be lost or something so much more?
People ask why it is I do these things,
But they don't know what its like to go to bed and not be able to dream,
Or walk around this world and everyone treats you like make believe,
I would rather be dead because I have no dreams to achieve,
All my life people have told me that I would amount to nothing,
I started to believe it so I stopped pushing myself to do good,
I figured that GOD doesn't care either and I have no reason why he should,
Sometimes I feel like I'm better off dead,
Yes I want to cry but it's hard because I have no tears to shed,
I hide behind a knife,
To you its wrong, But to me it's the only thing that's right,
Everyone seems to judge what they don't understand,
But I'm coming to you real because this may be my only chance,
If you know someone who is talking about suicide,
From me its because somewhere in their life they are unsatisfied,
It might be home, school, or anywhere else,
Just sit down and talk to them because they are just calling out for help,
Tell them you love them and that you will never give up,
And you will stick with them no matter what...

Rahael Fisher