Founders & Sponsors

We would like to thank our founders and sponsors

  • Hatim Omar, MD
  • Shelly Adams
  • Mary Crone
  • Alli Darling
  • Priscilla Gales
  • Suze Maze
  • Susan North
  • Greg Panter
  • Dennis Penn, MD
  • John Poundstone, MD
  • Deborah Stanley, MD
  • Harriette Swart
  • Pam Weeks, MSW

Founding Sponsors

  • Medical students class of 2003, class of 2004 and class of 2006 at UK
    (They were responsible for significant fund raising: more than $4000 each for Stop Youth Suicide.)
  • Kentucky Pediatric Society
  • Partners for Youth, Lexington, KY

John Timothy Bricker, MD - December 20, 1952-May 13, 2013
Image of Timothy Bricker, MD Image of Timothy Bricker, MD
Our most persistent supporter of the Stop Youth Suicide Campaign who also helped secure funding for the SYS conference.

Current Sponsors

  • Child Miracle Network
  • University of Kentucky, Department of Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine
  • Kentucky Children’s Hospital
  • WellCare of Kentucky
  • The Ridge Behavioral System, Lexington, KY
  • Private donations