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The 2018 Stop Youth Suicide conference on November 8-9. It will be at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton again.

The Stop Youth Suicide Campaign raises awareness and educates the public of high risk behavior that could lead to suicide. Stop Youth Suicide increases public awareness of youth & teen suicide by:

• Compiling and distributing informative information that describe risk factors and promote awareness to parents, youth, government agencies, schools, health care providers, community based organizations, faith communities, local businesses, and organizations serving youths.

• Broadcasting interviews on local TV and radio stations with people whose lives have been affected by suicide.

• Presenting an eye-opening design for parents and professionals about youth suicide on local news and other media venues.

• Connecting youth, parents, citizens, caregivers and professionals with appropriate support services.

Youth Suicide Prevention: Everybody's Business

Cover of Youth Suicide Prevention: Everybody's Businesss

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Dr. Hatim Omar is the editor of the newly released book titled "Youth Suicide Prevention: Everybody's Business." It features chapters by many of the UK Adolescent Medicine medical and mental health providers as well as other world renowned experts. This book is based upon experiences from the "Stop Youth Suicide Campaign" (SYS), a community-based youth suicide prevention program, led by the Division of Adolescent Medicine at the University of Kentucky Children's Hospital, Lexington.

Help Fund The Stop Youth Suicide Campaign, It Works!

Since the campaign began, October 13, 2000, fourteen adolescent lives have been documented as saved through the Stop Youth Suicide Campaign.

The Stop Youth Suicide Web site has received over 1000 e-mails and thousands of phone calls, nine of which directly saved their lives. It also provides phone numbers to crisis lines, which have been heavily utilized by teens.

The Stop Youth Suicide campaign needs your help! Please consider volunteering your time and/or making a financial contribution. If you have any questions or comments about this campaign, or if you would like someone to contact you about counseling services, please e-mail us at Contact Me@stopyouthsuicide.com

If you would like to make a dontation to Stop Youth Suicide or UK Adolescent Medicine, please mail your check or money order to the following address:

UK Adolescent Medicine
c/o Hatim Omar, MD
740 South Limestone, L412
Lexington, KY 40536

For more information, please call 859-323-5643